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Sophisticated Interior Design Team Editor Interior is an Interior Design Consultancy Firm based in Ubi, Singapore. The team consists of experienced interior designers and consultants, who have worked with a multitude of clients, from corporate to homeowners to achieve the space of their dreams. The team's interior design experience range from Modern Luxury interiors, modern Scandinavian, Industrial and more. The team is also an expert in loft constructions, making Editor Interior one of the few experts in Singapore. The Design Team at Editor Interior Pte Ltd steers the design process, working efficiently with all departments of the team, ensuring that every client is fully catered for regardless of the scale of their project. The Founder, Ms. Yiyi Lu set foot in interior design in 2011 with over 500 works ranging from residential to commercial projects. With a background in Civil & Structural Engineering, Ms. Yiyi Lu is the director and chief designer of Editor Interior.

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Looking for an interior design consultancy firm in Ubi? Regardless of size and scale, Editor Interior design consultants have a repertoire of works from commercial to residential. Residential homes come in all shapes and sizes from HDB flats to condominiums to landed houses to lofts. Our interior design consultancy firm can transform any space into a place with modern luxury. Book an appointment with our team at our office at Vertex Tower B, Ubi Road, for a walk-in consultation. Hiring an interior design consultancy firm in Singapore Interior design helps you create spaces that are beyond their design and aesthetic. Trusted interior design consultants in Singapore allow for space– residential or corporate– to reach its maximum potential by accentuating the qualities of the property regardless of size. Interior design firms are well-experienced in reconstructing a space using their knowledge of design to meet the client’s needs and requirements. Designers can enhance the quality of life by improving both the functional purpose of the space as well as its beauty and aesthetics. From space expansion and maximisation to transforming the atmosphere, Editor Interior brings you timeless modern luxury designs. Suppose you have an upcoming interior design or renovation project, Editor Interior is a trusted interior design firm in Ubi that can help you build the modern luxury space of your dreams. Editor Interior puts our clients first and aims to bring you a memorable experience with your renovation projects. Here at our interior design firm in Ubi, our consultants have completed projects with high global standards with a local charm.


Choose a designer with relevant licences When hiring interior designers, the interior consultant must be professionally accredited. In Singapore, interior designers have to have an HDB license, have gone through training and are aware of the protocols when renovating public housing such as HDB. Discuss the budget with the designers When choosing a designer for your project, it is essential to discuss the complexity, scale and budget you have for the project. At Editor Interior Pte Ltd, we ensure our client's needs and goals are met all within their budget. Contact us via email for more information or visit us at our office at Vertex Tower B, Ubi Road (Singapore 408868). Choose a designer who complements your style Look through the project and portfolio of the designers to understand the style and aesthetics of the firm. It is good to have an idea of what you want out of this project and see if their past projects match your goal.


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