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How To Maximise Vertical Space: Ideas For Loft Conversions

With real estate being a premium and highly coveted in land-locked Singapore, it only makes sense to make the most out of every inch of space in your home. As such, those with residences featuring plenty of vertical space should consider maximising as much of it as possible. An excellent way to go about this is through loft conversions.

Simply put, a loft or attic conversion turns an empty attic space or loft into something more functional, such as an additional bedroom, gym, office space, or even a bathroom. If that interests you, here are the usual suspects on what you can turn your loft into.

Additional bedroom

Installing a new bedroom is typically what most homeowners first consider when mulling over a loft conversion. For those with growing families, this idea is a no-brainer as it’s perfect for accommodating new family members or even giving parents a private space for themselves.

Additional Bedroom

A charming example of loft conversion is this bedroom, which we have designed for a unit at The Gazania. With plenty of vertical space to work with, the room is essentially divided into two sections, with the upper part being a cosy sleeping area for the homeowner while the lower part serves as a mini study space. With a large window at the front allowing a flood of natural light into the room, the space feels much bigger and belies its true size.

Mini Study Space

Large Window

Study area

Study Area

With work-from-home now the typical working arrangement observed today, it’s only necessary to have a study area or office where you can simulate a professional and distraction-free environment at home. Having a dedicated office space is great for enjoying some much-needed peace and quiet while you focus on your work.

Dedicated Office Space

Distraction-free Environment At Home

In The Antare, situated at 23 Mattar Road, the loft area has become a mini-office / bedroom area where the homeowner can retreat to do their work or turn in for the night. The minimalist space is bereft of unnecessary furnishings, opting only for the bare decorations that make it just as inviting.

Walk-in closet

For fashionistas, a walk-in closet is a dream home addition perfect for loft conversions. With plenty of space to work with, your imagination is the only limit, and you can design the room as you please; install shoe racks, clothing rails, wall mirrors, and whatever else you need to house your designer outfits.

Walk-In Closet

For ideas, take a look at this unit in Kent Ridge Hill Residences, which features a comfortably snug bedroom divided into a sleeping area and a vertical walk-in closet. The room’s large-scale windows provide enough lighting to brighten up the space, and the wardrobe consists of top and bottom storage areas that are sure to fit all your apparel.

Hobby room

A hobby room is a catch-all category of space dedicated solely to housing everything pertaining to your interests. Whether you’re an avid musician, aspiring artist, or anything else, having a space reserved just for the things you like is always a welcome addition to your home. Moreover, having a hobby room also helps you clear out space from other rooms in the house and helps avoid inconveniencing other family members as your ‘stuff’ is no longer everywhere.

Hobby Room

As seen in this loft area in The Quinn, the extra space makes for an excellent use for an out-of-the-way home theatre filled with bean bag couches and pillows, enabling a comfortable movie-watching experience on a big screen.

Home Theatre

Comfortable Experience


Loft conversions offer a fantastic opportunity to maximise space and add value to your home. Whether you are looking to create a new living space, a home office, or even an extra bedroom, there is a range of creative and innovative ideas that can help you achieve your goals. All you need is the right design and a skilled team of professionals to add a functional and stunning loft space to your home.

Should you need help in finding the perfect interior design for your loft conversion idea, getting a loft specialist on board can make things easier for you. At Editor Interior, we are renowned for interior design consultancy services that visualise your modern dream home and make it a reality. Consult with us today here for our imaginative solutions that suit your design needs and preferences.

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