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Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting A Loft In Singapore
Parc Botannia Loft
Parc Botannia Loft Staircase
Parc Botannia

Popularised by artists in New York, lofts have gained traction in cities worldwide– and Singapore is no exception. Loft-like styles are trending, with good reason. Apartments with small floor areas but high vertical spaces benefit greatly from loft conversions as they extend the living space, allowing the vertical space to be used purposefully. Here are some reasons to consider getting a loft for your condo unit or landed property home in Singapore.


Increase your storage space

Houses with high ceilings have a lot of vertical space that is left unused. Converting it into a loft gives you an additional room that can be used as a private space or storage. Whether you add another television or a gaming corner, lofts can create an exclusive space away from any visitor’s view.

Loft Storage Space
Increase Your Storage Space
The Trillinq

Creating an additional room

Lofts can help separate the spaces for relaxation and work by elevating the space from the living room. Lofts are incredibly customisable, and possibilities of what to do with the space are endless– lofts create practical spaces without compromising on the room’s aesthetic design.

Creating An Additional Room
Loft Study Room
The Visionaire

Study rooms: Lofts can act as a working space where you can set up a study table and store your office and work supplies. Loft study rooms can be enclosed or open based on your preferences. The loft created in this unit acts as quaint study area right above the living room.

The Trillinq Loft Study Room
The Trillinq Loft Study
The Trillinq

Guest room: Lofts can also create an additional room such as a guest room. By enclosing the additional space, loft conversions can be used as rest spaces for visitors. 

Guest Room
Loft Guest Room
The Bellewaters

Entertainment room: With the addition of a television, gaming console or even a projector, your loft can be an entertainment room for your family and friends, which allows for a gorgeous loft that features a couch and television, serving as a cosy entertainment room.

Park Botannia Loft Cosy Corner
Cosy Corner
Park Botannia

Cosy corner: Nestled away from the rest of the room, you can create a cosy corner in your loft with comfortable furniture, perhaps even a small library to do some quiet reading and relaxation.

Loft Property Value
Loft Property Price
Northpark Residences

Lofts can increase the value of your property

There is a possible increase in your property’s value when you create a loft. Lofts maximises the air space and creates an extra area, limited to 5 square metres. The selling price for the home will likely be more than the price you bought it for, as building costs towards the loft and additional space created will be considered. For example, a HDB loft unit at Skyterrace @ Dawson is the most expensive unit sold in 2021 at $1.328million.

Lofts Can Save You Time And Money

Lofts can save you time and money

Lofts can help save you time and money if you have thought of building an extension to your landed property home. The extension construction would cost you more time and money than a loft conversion. Loft conversions are an alternative to an extension which is cost-effective and maximises the space you already have. Lofts enhance the aesthetics of your home in a cost-effective manner whilst making the house look more spacious and luxurious.

Loft Conversions
The Garden Residences
Loft Constructions

Considerations to getting lofts in Singapore

Loft conversions might not be suitable for every home. The home needs a high ceiling for loft conversions so that there is enough headspace. Consult a loft specialist for professional advice on whether lofts are viable in your home.

Regulations for loft conversions 

When converting lofts, the construction has to meet the regulations set by the Building Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore for loft conversions. There are several structural considerations for lofts such as the area to not exceed 5 square metres as well as having sufficient headroom. It also clearance spaces, the height of the loft platform and the staircase width


If your condo unit or landed property has high ceilings, you should consider getting a loft as it has many benefits, as mentioned above. Lofts are highly versatile and customisable, allowing you to use the home to its full potential. As one of the few loft specialists in Singapore, our team at Editor Interior are highly trained professionals that can help you with your condominium and landed property renovations. Contact us for further enquiries.

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