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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

It was such great experience working with Yiyi. Her ideas and creativity are super good and she knows her subject and the customer’s requirements so very well.

Our home came out exactly as the initial 3D drawings she produced and we are so thankful to her.

Highly highly recommended.

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Yiyi will check on my preferences and base on my likes to provide me with the 3D design.

During the reviewing on her 3D, she is professional and provide me with suggestion in the different aspects of design/color tone/lighting.

She is also very responsive to my enquiry/question even if I text her at night. Even after the handover services, she still response to my enquiry and do help to touch up certain areas.

I'm glad to have her as my ID and she help to create a cozy environment for me and my family.

Positive: Quality, Value

Many thanks to Yiyi for her great service. She is able to understand my expectations and suggest designs that match my ideal home.

She also has a good acumen and offered alternative opinions which proved to be better than my original ideas.

The renovation process was smooth and any required touch up were done promptly.

During the post renovation review, she is also very detailed to highlight and correct imperfections which I didn't spotted.

Thumbs up for the professionalism.

Recommended to all home owners.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

As this was our first major renovation, we were more careful with the ID selection process and actually met up with 10 firms before deciding to go with Yiyi.

Yiyi has received many excellent reviews in the past, but what won us over was her willingness to first listen and then provide suggestions, as well as the connection we felt with her.

Yiyi has not let us down one bit, and through the project she has proven time and again her ability to not only come up with designs that we love, but also managing timelines / contractors / hiccups / rectifications with aptitude and professionalism.

We handed over a plain, old apartment and received back a home that looks even better than the 3D simulations and built with high quality materials and workmanship.

We were blessed to have a positive first experience in our renovation journey, and would not hesitate to recommend Yiyi and her team to anyone.

We are very lucky to find Yiyi for our project. A successful renovation is all about listening home owner's ideas and meanwhile, providing professional and constructive advices.

In the end, you will have a renovation just like what in you mind and better. She has everything needed to execute the project in good quality and efficiency.

We will keep her number in our contact list.

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness

My family and I are glad to have worked with Yiyi in designing our house.

She takes into consideration of our needs and is efficient not only in producing designs for us but also during the renovation process.

Although we requested for multiple changes to be made to the design, she was still very glad and patient to make the changes for us.

Overall, it was a smooth process and we loved the design of our house.

We would be more than happy to look for her services in the future.

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness

We would like to thank Yiyi for helping us to create our dream house, especially a thumbs up for our designer Yiyi for her excellent job.

She listened patiently to our preferences and ideas and incorporated most of what we wants into her design.

When the renovation works started, she was able to coordinate all the works and schedules well and made us felt assured.

She addressed all our concerns and queries and replied to us promptly.

When we needed some rectification to be done, she was quick to respond and get her workers to come down.

The renovation process was going quite smoothly and had completed ahead of schedule.

We are happy with the end result of the renovation and we would definitely recommend yiyi for those who want a fuss-free renovation.

Yiyi has a good sense of esthetics and a lot of experience. She is a responsible ID.


This is our second project with Yiyi as coordinator.

As before, she’s been a terrific project manager for us, ensuring seamless coordination with various contractors and service providers.

We also appreciated her thoughtful advice during the planning and design process.

Thanks Yiyi for a job well done again !

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We would like to thank Yiyi for the awesome renovation works done for our house.

We absolutely loved the designs and concept she suggested. Throughout the entire renovation process, she has been very responsible and accommodative to our requests.

Thank you Yiyi for creating our dream house!

I only seek out 2 ID for my new home, Yiyi was my 2nd ID & I signed an agreement with her immediately.

On the first meet up, she was already about to conceptualize my descriptions of an idea home to sketches.

She would also offer insights into designs that goes well with my ideal home e.g. she proposed what I called a bold design i.e. building my loft against the 6 metres window area, when everyone else were like constructing their loft to walls or at most, part of the windows!

Yiyi is also meticulous such that she is able to look into the finer details of my carpentry works such as TV feature walls and she is great with proposing colour, texture and tone to go with theme of my new home, including lightings to create a relaxing mood and atmosphere.

Did I mentioned managing the contractors? Yes, ID is not just about putting reno. ideas into 3D drawings, equally important if not more, getting contractors to tasks!

Don't be fooled by Yiyi's appearance, I have witnessed her commanding, even "lecturing" contractor at site.

I can't speak for all ID designers, but with Yiyi, one should not go wrong.
All in all, I'm very please with yiyi.