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The Art Of Loft Living: Creating A Striking Focus Point

Loft living is a unique and increasingly popular lifestyle choice that oozes urban sophistication. With their open spaces, high ceilings, and abundant natural light, lofts offer a canvas for creative interior design like no other. However, in these expansive spaces, it can be a challenge to create a focal point that anchors the room and draws the eye. In this article, we’ll explore the art of loft living and how to craft a striking focus point that elevates your space, as demonstrated by this loft at THE ESSENCE.

1. Elevate with accent wall

Accent walls are the secret ingredient to creating a striking focus point in any space. By introducing a contrasting colour, texture, or material to one wall, you instantly draw the eye and add a layer of visual intrigue to the room. Whether it’s a bold paint colour, reclaimed wood panelling, or an eye-catching piece of artwork, the accent wall commands attention and serves as the anchor for the room’s design.

The Art Of Loft Living: Creating A Striking Focus Point

Elevate with accent wall

Upon entering this home, the first thing you would notice is the green oval-shaped panelling, which serves as the TV wall. The loft stairs situated opposite it not only serve as a good complement but also provide visual interest and charm to the otherwise monotonous space.

2. Colour contrast

Colourful walls have the incredible ability to create a striking focus point within any space. By introducing vibrant and contrasting hues, these walls instantly captivate the eye and inject life into the room.

Colour contrast

For this loft apartment, light pink and green were chosen as an accompaniment to neutral tones, such as black, white, and grey. These colours not only infuse energy and personality into the space but also offer a harmonious balance with the surrounding elements, making the room come alive with visual interest.

The interior design is also elevated from dull and uninteresting to one that possesses visual weight.

To add further interest, consider pairing colours with various textures. In this home, we implemented materials, such as wood and marble, to ensure that the homeowners and guests have a tactile experience. The interior design is also elevated from dull and uninteresting to one that possesses visual weight.

3. Artistic shelving and storage

Transform your storage solutions into works of art. Custom-built shelves with unique shapes or arrangements can become a focus point while serving practical purposes. Use them to display curated collections or decorative items.

Artistic shelving and storage

For example, the study area features custom-made shelves that double up as stairs to the loft space. Such artistic shelves instantly draw the eye and become the centrepiece of the space. It would also be good to incorporate unique colours and textures into these fixtures and fittings, as mentioned above.

4. Embrace reflective surfaces

Not many people know that reflective surfaces possess the remarkable ability to forge a striking focus point within any space. These surfaces, such as mirrors or glossy finishes, harness the play of light to captivate the eye and add a layer of depth to the room.

Mirrors, with their ability to expand space and bounce light, can make a small room feel larger while creating a dynamic visual appeal. Meanwhile, glossy finishes on furniture or accent pieces lend a touch of glamour and elegance, catching and reflecting the surrounding elements.

Embrace reflective surfaces

As the kitchen in this loft apartment is rather small in size, we decided to opt for reflective cabinets and flooring to give an illusion of a bigger space. The design also provides a clean and modern aesthetic appearance, pairing well with the colour palette we have chosen.


In loft living, the possibilities are as boundless as the space itself. Crafting a striking focus point is about combining your personal style with the inherent character of your loft.

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