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Trending Interior Design Concepts For BTO & HDB Flats

HDB flats are the most common type of homes for Singaporeans. Designing an HDB flat can be daunting as newer flats and BTOs tend to have spatial constraints. However, interior designers can help you purposefully design a home that reaches its full potential, creating a modern luxury home. Here are some trending design concepts for HDB and BTO flats.

Open Concept Homes

Open concept homes

One of the trending modern luxury designs in Singapore is to have an open concept. An open-concept home is popular as it gives an illusion of a larger space, especially in HDB flats which can appear compact and cramped. For example, combining the living room and dining room maximises the living space and allows for greater interaction within the spaces. Newer HDB and BTO flats are designed with open-concept kitchens, allowing owners to design their homes based on their preferences and requirements.

Open concept spaces within a home are increasingly popular, which may involve hacking of walls in your flats. Several guidelines are set by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore, and specific works require permits. As such, it is crucial to hire a professional interior design firm with experience renovating HDBs and BTOs.

Connection Between The Living Room And Dining Room

In this HDB unit at Jurong East, the connection between the living room and dining room is seamless and open, giving the illusion of a bigger space. The open-concept design also brightens the home as light flows in and illuminates the entire home. The study room features glass panels which help visually enlarge the space as well.

Minimalistic and neutral colours

Colour plays an essential role in setting the tone of the space. White is one of the more popular colours in modern luxury homes as it provides a clean, sleek base for any design. White not only evokes luxury but also reflects light which illuminates the home, creating the illusion of a larger space. Choosing the right colour palette is an affordable and simple way to transform the entire space.

If your HDB flat lacks natural lighting, choosing warm off-white tones can brighten a room without making it look too stark and contrasting.

Minimalistic And Neutral Colours

Stylish material choices

Practicality and style merge to save space and reduce clutter to make your home look more spacious and clean. There are many materials to choose from for your furniture, such as your couch, tables, flooring and cabinets. Incorporating wooden elements adds texture and depth to the home whilst being a sturdy and reliable material. This home features wooden chevron flooring and deep green wooden cupboards. The ceiling of the dining area also features fluted wooden panels that complement the other wooden elements in the kitchen.

Modern Luxury Homes Include Marble Or Granite

Other popular materials trending for modern luxury homes include marble or granite, which have exciting patterns to liven up the space while achieving their primary purpose. The feature wall in this dining room space features marble tiles adding visual excitement to the home and complementing the marble dining table. The kitchen also has marble countertops and tile walls. This is not only a great way to add patterns to the kitchen space, but also a functional choice as it is easy to clean and maintain.
Transforming Your Hdb Flat Does Not Have To Be Intimidating


Transforming your HDB flat does not have to be intimidating. There are many interior design concepts and ideas to be inspired by before you begin your renovation journey. Have a look at all the various design concepts and ensure that you have checked your house for defects prior to starting any renovation project. If you are unsure what would best suit your style, discuss with your interior design consultants to find a design catered to you. At Editor Interior, we are a premier interior design firm with expertise in luxury HDB designs for both resale and BTO flats. Consult our interior designers to turn your house into the modern home of your dreams.

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